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Few, little & small
Lesson 03 / Lição 03 -   Adjetivos quantitativos Parte2
Nível Intermediário - Exercícios propostos
1) Complete as frases com os adjetivos “few” “little”, ou “small” conforme a situação. As frases poderão falar sobre tamanhos ou então sobre quantidades.
a) Carolina saved too                           money for college.
b) Marta baked a                            biscuits for her mother.
c) Luckily we live in a                            city where traffic jams is not an issue.
d) We just bought a                           office supplies.
e) Some of our clients had a                    inconvenience during the meeting.
f) Can you wait just a                          moment please?
g) Would you be able to wash a                       clothes before dinner time?
h) Does she have                            time to sleep?
i) I noticed that she lost a                      pounds lately.
j) She has a                       relatives living somewhere in Nevada.
K) Which one do you prefer? A                       bed or a big one?
L) We have talked to a                        colleagues about this issue early this morning.
m) Is that                         dog yours?
n) She brought me a                      turtle from the beach.
o) My guess is that, a                        years from now we will have trouble finding house to rent.
p) Some of my friends had a                        trouble finding my apartment building.
q) Can someone give me a                           help here please?
2) Complete as perguntas com os adjetivos do quadro abaixo:
a bit of
a few
a little
a small
a) Could you give me                        your time?
b) Do you have                      house in the woods?
c) Do you have                       money for the weekend?
d) Have you ever made                       dozen of cookies?
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