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Possessive adjectives
Lesson 22 / Lição 22 - Adjetivos possessivos
Exercícios propostos
1) Complete as frases com os adjetivos possessivos correspondentes:
a) The dog wants               dog's house back.
b) Mr. Arnold my new English teacher likes                house on the mountain.
c)Did you know that                best friend moved to San Francisco, California?
d)They always forget                         book at home!
e)We must do                 home work before the teacher arrives! 
f)She likes to clean               house every Sunday.
g)Joe knows how to fix                bicycle without any kind of help.
h)Mary wants to move with               grandma to Minnesota
i) We always go on vacation with               friends.
j) What did you say? Isn't that               house?.
l) You can't bring                  video game inside the school.
l) This country needs to learn how to solve               problems without International support. 
m) I often go to church with               new red dress.
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