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Many, much & a lot
Lesson 02 / Lição 02 -   Adjetivos quantitativos Parte1
Nível Intermediário - Exercícios propostos
1) Complete as frases com os adjetivos quantitativos, much, many ou a lot, conforme o mais apropriado para cada frase.
a) How                       students have failed this test so far?
b) Eventually,                        drivers will realize how dangerous is to drive

without a proper sleep at night. 

c) How                      sugar do you want in your tea?
d) Not                          bosses are aware about this new law!
e) According to this pool,                        consumers still don't know how to safely shop online!
f) Marcos has too                        hope that everything will workout somehow.
g) How                       coffee do you drink a day?
h) How                           landlords refuse to fix broken plumbing?
i) How                         cups did you broke yesterday?
j) How                        noise your ears can take?
2) Complete as perguntas e as respostas abaixo empregando os adjetivos quantitativos:
a) Is it true that he worked too                      this friday?
Yes, he did                            extra hours last friday
b) How                            money cost this backpack?
Obviously It costs                        money.
c) I wonder how                       birds escaped from the cage.
Sounds like                         birds has escaped!
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