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Fazer perguntas com "Who? where? when? why?"
Lesson 26 / Lição 26 - Uso do "who" "where" "when" e "Why"
Exercícios propostos
1) Neste exercício você terá que completar as frases abaixo com as "questions words" aprendidas nesta aula.
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a)                     is my agenda? I think it is on my backpack.
b)                   did you do that? Because I was bored.
c)                     your mother arrives?  Maybe tomorrow afternoon.
d)                 is that guy wearing a blue coat? I think he is Jane's husband.
e)                  are the DVDs I borrowed from Lisa? I don't know.
f)               they need to go to school on Sunday? Because they failed the Math test.
g)                  is the responsible  for this mass? It was Marcos' idea.
h)                  we need to exchange books? I think it is on Monday. 
j)                  should I buy your used book? Because it will be very helpful for the
next semester.
k)                  is the  bathroom? It is right there!
l)                  the principal come back? I think he will be back by next week!
m)                   do I need to bring back your stuff? Next Thursday will be fine.
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